United Energy distributes electricity across east and south east Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. We receive most of our energy from ten bulk supply points called terminal stations at 66,000 Volts and transmit this to 47 zone substations using 83 sub-transmission lines.  From the zone substations more than 450 feeders distribute energy to our 660,000 customers.  We manage a network of more than 215,500 poles, 10,200 kilometres of overhead powerlines, 2,800 kilometres of underground cable, 13,400 transformers and 120,000 public street lights.

There are three links in the electricity supply chain.  Generation of electricity, transmission of electricity from power stations to cities and finally United Energy’s role to distribute electricity to individual residential and business customers.

But we are so much more than poles and wires.

All day, every day we’re working for our customers, bringing energy into your homes and businesses to keep your world running the way you want it to.  We strive to provide our customers access to the best technology and the most advanced network, with a priority on safety, efficiency, reliability and innovation.

Find out more at https://www.unitedenergy.com.au/