SwitchDin are a clean-tech IoT startup based in Newcastle, NSW. Our product is a software and hardware platform which enables plug-and-play connectivity of solar and battery system components for households and businesses. This simplifies device interconnectivity with the internet and enables the application of advanced control services for optimal energy management.

SwitchDin grew out of the insights of founder Dr Andrew Mears through more than 20 years experience in decentralised energy services in Australia, Asia/Pacific and other emerging economies. His vision is that energy supply chains will be diverse, efficient and flexible with strong end-user participation and rooftop solar and batteries will play a major role.

Our embedded controller device called a Droplet™ ensures fault tolerant and secure operation for on-grid and off-grid applications. Our cloud-based analytics engine StormCloud™ facilitates fleet-wide monitoring, orchestration and utility integration, improving performance for the end-user. Our product helps solar installers, integrators and utilities stay competitive and manage risks without locking themselves into a single technology or supplier. Real-time data and analytics for solar energy facilitate better coordination with the grid and provide future virtual power station services for energy transacting, improved asset management and demand side management capabilities.