Safearth is Australia’s leading provider of consulting services and solutions in the areas of earthing and lightning protection, and has the largest earthing team in the Asia/Pacific region.

Safearth has designed and tested thousands of earthing and lightning protection systems and has been a key force behind the national and international development of earthing theory and practice.

Visit our stand to see our award winning CS3 Earthing Integrity Tester, and see how our range of test instruments and software solutions can provide you with more insight and control of your earthing risks.

See a demonstration of our Distribution Earthing design software, which can allow you to develop effective earthing designs with confidence and ease.

Talk with us about your training needs, and we can develop a custom education program for your team, or point you to one of our public training courses offered across Australia and NZ.

Meet our director Stephen Palmer, one of the modern pioneers of earthing theory and practices, who has been a key contributor to Australian standards including AS2067 and EG-0, and sits on a number of international IEEE and CIGRE standards committees.

Bring us your most challenging problems, in earthing, lightning, stray current, induction or undiagnosed failures, and we can help you.