RXPE specialises in the delivery of high capacity power-electronic solutions for utility networks and the connection of Renewables.  With a history dating back over 50 years, and probably the largest number of FACTS installations world-wide, we have a firm basis on which to claim our market-leading credentials.

The RXPE Maxivar™ STATCOM is at the pinnacle of innovation in high-power semiconductors and converter topologies. Its proven capabilities are attracting much attention from utilities and renewable energy organisations handling challenging large-scale projects. Delivered projects include Dong Energy’s Race Bank and Burbo Bank windfarms in the UK, as well as ongoing projects such as the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Kenya and PGCIL projects in India.

RXPE VSC-HVDC systems in China have now reached capacity levels of 1250MW at ±420kV, and in July 2017 we successfully type-tested our latest 5GW ±800kV valve.

The RXPE MV-VFD is proving to be a valuable supply partner to the gas compression and LNG market within China with typical capacities ranging from 10-25MVA and the world’s largest VSC drive reference of 86MVA.

All three product lines share a common water cooled Press-Pack IGBT technology platform.

RXPE, now known as RXHK, is a privately owned company dedicated to the ongoing innovation in power electronic engineering solutions. Our key products evidence how that commitment translates into heightened capability and reliability.