We love poles! Sure, it’s not something that excites most people, but here at International Utility Poles (IUP) we live and breathe utility poles.

Our experience and love of poles ranges from a minimum 18 years to more than 28 years. Our manufacturing partners, Shanghai Ambor Manufacturing (Ambor), is owned and operated by equally experienced pole-lovers, all with a minimum of 18 years. Ambor’s senior level management has set up greenfield manufacturing facilities and have manufactured extensively for Western markets.

Now, we might not be able to convince you to love poles as much as we all do, but we’re certain we can convince you of our commitment to our goal; and that is to deliver a great result on your overhead line project by offering the support, technical advice and quality that only people with our love of poles can hope to achieve.

So, contact us now and discover how we can help you to deliver a great result for your project or that of your clients. We’d really love to hear from you.