Ecoult – Energy Storage Solutions

Ecoult delivers complete energy storage solutions and modules powered by the breakthrough Deka UltraBattery® technology invented by Australia’s CSIRO, which combines ultracapacitor and lead-acid chemistries in a single electrolyte to create a hybrid cell delivering excellent performance in partial state of charge operation with fast charging rates, high energy density, and exceptional lifetime throughput.

Ecoult’s Research and development team comprises SCADA experts, embedded systems engineers and application development specialists who have designed applications that lead the world in energy storage innovation. Our solutions support renewable generation in grid systems by controlling power ramp rate at the point of generation, or by controlling variability on the grid through the provision of grid ancillary services. In off-grid and hybrid configurations, the UltraBattery can greatly improve system efficiencies, improve renewable management and help reduce the use of fossil fuels.
Our fleet of commercial and industrial larger kilowatt-scale installations in in Australia and India are based on the same technology and innovations as the global, megawatt-scale installations that have long proved Ecoult’s technology. At all scales, on greenfields sites or leveraging existing infrastructure, we have shown UltraBattery to be dependable and highly effective for wind smoothing, solar smoothing, peak shifting, grid support and reserve applications.
UltraBattery is used in multipurpose applications, delivering renewable smoothing or grid ancillary services yet retaining backup capability to respond immediately to any grid outage or reserve event, offering compelling economics for investors, owners and regulators concerned about grid stability and/or grid resiliency.
Ecoult is a subsidiary of US-based battery manufacturer East Penn Manufacturing, Inc.
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