After a professional and friendly relationship of almost 30 years, Ken Budin and Max Philipp teamed up to form Budin Philipp in November 2015, which became Budin Philipp Partners Pty Ltd in January 2017. Together Ken and Max have around 80 years of experience in power transformer and on-load tap changer specification and life management.

Transferring knowledge and experience to the HV industry, Budin Philipp Partners specialise in knowledge sharing through training and consultation, with a focus on power transformers, on-load tap changers, and associated equipment. Budin Philipp Partners do not represent or promote any transformer or OLTC manufacturers, nor do we undertake transformer maintenance or repairs. What we do is equip you with world’s best practice knowledge and practical experience to enable your engineers, asset managers, technicians or service providers to be confident, competent and equipped to ensure that you maximise asset life and minimise life-time cost. We also partner with providers of after-market products that will enhance your asset life and reduce maintenance cost.

In addition to training at our regular courses, Budin Philipp Partners can provide:

  • Training customized in content and length to suit your requirements
  • Review or prepare your maintenance policies and procedures based on world’s best practices including as reference standards and technical guides published by IEEE, IEC, CIGRE and others
  • Undertake condition audits and provide reports including recommendations
  • Assist you to prepare specifications for purchase of new equipment or for planned or special maintenance and refurbishment
  • Supervise or audit work by your own personnel or service providers
  • Undertake project management on your behalf
  • Provide specialised training in vacuum treatment, fluid processing and all aspects of power transformer and OLTC maintenance and life-time management
  • Undertake capability audits of potential suppliers
  • Witness of factory processing and testing
  • Review of site test reports including acceptance testing, pre- and post-maintenance, oil test reports, DGA reports etc.
  • Recommendation of the best in diagnostic testing and condition monitoring including on-line and off-line