Dr Tony Marxsen

Marxsen Consulting Pty Ltd

Dr Tony Marxsen has an electrical engineering degree and PhD from Monash University. During his 30-year career in the Victorian electricity industry, he worked in all aspects of electricity transmission and distribution engineering and business management. He has also held Chief Information Officer roles in major public and private sector organisations in energy, manufacturing, insurance and retail sectors.

In his later consulting career, Tony has led large projects for public and private sector organisations in energy, water and environment, health and community services, emergency services, police and defence, justice, and education.

Tony was also lead researcher in Victoria’s R&D program to cut bushfire risk associated with rural powerlines and he remains involved in oversight of the roll-out of Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiters to the State’s highest risk networks.

Tony has just retired from the role of Chairman of the board of the Australian Energy Markets Operator which operates electricity and gas markets across Australia and is responsible for energy security in the National Electricity Market and the Victorian Wholesale Gas Market.