Phalguna Varadhi

Principal Electrical Engi...
APD Engineering

Phalguna Varadhi is a professional engineer with more than 16 years of industry experience across AUS, NZ, US, ME and IND. He has wide variety of engineering expertise in different sectors like Transmission & Distribution Utilities, Energy, Traction Power Systems and Oil & Gas sectors as well as Renewable Power Systems Engineering and Analysis. He has received his Master degree in “Power Systems and Power Electronics” from IIT Mumbai.

Phalguna’s area of specialisation is mainly in Power System Protection, Planning and Analysis. His past project experiences include Power System Protection Design and Relay Configuration, Network Modelling, Analysis, System Studies including Load Flow, Short Circuit, Harmonics, Motor Starting, Power Quality, Dynamic/Transient Stability, Voltage Stability, Design of Loadshedding Schemes, Reactive Power Compensation and Generator Grid Compliance (TR, NER & NZ Grid Code) for voltages up to 330kV.