Dr Peter Sokolowski

Dr Peter Sokolowski is a Research Fellow in RMIT University’s School of Engineer and manages the Information Systems Engineering Research Group. His career interest is in bringing industry, research education and professional bodies together to collaborate for the benefit of the whole community. He was with BHP Steel, Newcastle, Australia for five years and Escape Technologies for fourteen years consulting to the manufacturing industry on industrial electrical power distribution, information and communication technology and issues around electric energy including distribution services, policy, and contracts.

Dr Sokolowski’s research interests include modelling, condition monitoring, system performance health measurement, control, optimisation of systems (such as nonlinear, hybrid, electrical power, and biological systems) and analytics where knowledge-based engineering provides decision support. He is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, a Senior Member of IEEE, and a Member of the Electric Energy Society of Australia (ESSA). He is currently a Member of the Engineers Australia Electrical College Board and the 2017 Engineers Australia Electrical College Victoria Branch Chair. He is also a Member of EESA’s National Council and Deputy Chair of its Victorian Chapter.