Geoff Rogers

Technical Director
Enlighten Power Systems

Geoff Rogers graduated from University of Melbourne in 1977. He has worked on power and resource projects all over the world, beginning his professional career with Schlumberger in France and Africa. He worked with Taylor Instrument, (now ABB), as control systems project engineer for power generation and other industrial processes. Geoff worked with Honeywell as a Project and later Applications Engineer. He joined Melbourne based Novatech Controls, a manufacturer/exporter of instruments widely used in Power Generation. Starting GJM Controls, representing Novatech Controls & several emissions monitoring manufacturers, as well as TRICONEX critical controls, Geoff built a team and expanded TRICONEX into Power Generation market. In 2001 he sold the major product line to what is now Schneider Electric, leading a team that grew to dominate Control system replacements for turbomachinery in Australia/New Zealand. In 2011 he joined General Electric before retiring in 2013. Enlighten Power Systems is his current business focus.