Eric Hamilton

National Narrowband Network Communications (NNNCo)

Eric Hamilton is an experienced commercial leader with a strong wireless, Internet, IT and telecommunications technology background. He defines and communicates clear business and technology outcomes and how to achieve them. For more than 20 years Eric has worked with or led teams on a number of firsts across a range of Wireless (point-to-multipoint, backhaul and satellite solutions), Telecommunications, ISP and IT technologies.

He was the CTO of Unwired which rolled out Australia’s first 4G Wireless broadband network dedicated to data, where he was responsible for all technical aspects of the organisation – design, development, construction and operations. Eric is a true innovator, bringing concepts from different areas together to create a new reality. He produces results in challenging circumstances and combines vision, creativity and discipline to produce real solutions for real needs at low cost relative to value. He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering.