Speaker Spotlight #6: Nick Pappapetros, Ergon Energy

We are thrilled to have Nick Pappapetros  from Ergon Energy speaking at EECON 2017 about the future of distribution networks. Data is on the rise and making our infrastructure smarter is essential. Read on to learn more about Nick!

What is your area of focus?
Data from devices on our distribution network come in different protocols and varying methods for which the data can be received. We are focused on ensuring our devices operate in a secure environment, and their data is received and processed consistently so it can be used by the whole business.

What are you excited to speak about at EECON?
Sharing what we have done ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure we are ready for a data rich distribution network. We developed a philosophy and architecture for a secure and stable platform to support new technology connecting to the network.

What do you like most about your current role in the energy industry?
New technology is transforming how we operate and manage the distribution network by enabling better quality of supply, more control, and greater efficiencies. I get be a part of implementing cutting edge new technology and innovations to improve the distribution network.