Speaker Spotlight #5: Ragini Patel, RMIT University

This week, dynamic response and FCAS market design was the topic of discussion as David Van Bergen sat down to speak with Ragini Patel ahead of her presentation at EECON.

Why did you become an engineer?
It was because of the encouragement from my family and my interest in science.

What is your area of focus?
I work on operation & control optimisation under uncertain conditions, such as those with renewable energy resources. This also includes maximising existing resources utilisation to defer new investment.

What are you excited to speak about at EECON?
The increased penetration of intermittent energy resources into the grid requires faster frequency support, for which gas power plants are more suited. I am excited to talk about the dynamic response of different generation technologies and how it is influenced by the FCAS market design.

Where do you see the industry in 2025?
Faster sensing, improved communication, and coordinated control will enable increased complexity in automation of a smart grid.

What first drew you to the energy industry?
The combination of electrical engineering, a global environment of grid transformation and an opportunity to contribute towards a sustainable future drew me towards the energy industry.