Speaker Spotlight #3: Rob Zagarella, NNNCo

This week, James Bell, EIT, CEM sat down with Rob Zagarella ahead of his presentation at EECON. Read on for a fascinating display of how Rob and his company, NNNCo, are paving the way for innovation in the energy industry (and find them at the EECON 2017 Exhibition at stands 1 & 2).

What is your area of focus?
I started the National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo) to support the rapid and collaborative growth of Internet of Things (IoT) in Australia. A big area of focus for us is transforming electric power grids to smart grids through shared open networks.

What are you speaking about at EECON?
I’m excited to share the progress and findings we’ve made in delivering a load control IoT solution for Ergon energy in Queensland. The efficacy and cost efficiency of the in-field trial shows that we’ve got a robust and scalable solution.

Where do you see the industry in 2025?
Large-scale IoT roll-outs for utilities with millions of securely connected endpoints, and multiple applications from load control to distribution automation, street lighting and smart metering.

How have you embraced the changing industry?
IoT supports utilities to better leverage existing investments in infrastructure and operations. We’re not just embracing that change, we’re leading it.