Speaker Spotlight #1: Selwyn Hunt, Snowy Hydro

We are delighted to bring you the first of our EECON Speaker Spotlight Series – Selwyn Hunt from Snowy Hydro!  Selwyn will be speaking at EECON on the technical challenges experienced with a full SCADA replacement. Read on to find out more…

Tell us about your role.
I’m a SCADA Engineer currently imbedded in the Snowy Hydro SCADA upgrade project.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?
My role involves a variety of challenges, working in small team to maintain and design aspects of our SCADA system. My role involves dealing with people from many areas of the business and an understanding of a wide range of topics from control theory to network security.

How have you embraced the changing industry?
There has been a return to market volatility and more variation in frequency. This has meant we have to be more flexible with our outages in order to be ready to meet electricity demand. I also have to pay more attention to the effects of grid frequency during testing.

Why did you become an engineer?
Having “the knack” to quote Dilbert, the ability to understand how the world works and through understanding be able to improve it is immensely satisfying. Technology can be a great tool to make the world in general a better place if used correctly.