The Committee

EECON17 comes together thanks to the enormous and collective effort of the following professionals of the electric energy industry:


Clare Paynter, EECON Chair
A graduate engineer with the Australian Energy Market Operator, Clare is excited to bring all facets of the electric energy industry together for a rich conversation at EECON17. Originally hailing from tropical Darwin, Clare enjoys debating the future of the grid, mountain biking, and hiking around Victoria.

Martin Thomas AM FTSE HonFIEAust HonFAIE, EECON Honorary Chair

Martin has had a long and illustrious career in the energy industry. Amongst numerous roles, Martin was a Principal of SKM, Chairman of the NSW Electricity Council, President of Engineers Australia and President of the Australian Institute of Energy. In 2006, Martin Thomas was part of Prime Minister John Howard’s nuclear taskforce. He continues to be a strong advocate for including nuclear energy in Australia’s energy.

David Van Bergen, EESA-Vic Chair

David is a Chartered Professional Engineer within Beca’s Protection and Control team based in Melbourne. A keen cyclist and basketballer, David is passionate about continued professional development and is excited to be part of EECON17, bringing together the electric energy industry to collaborate and innovate.

Dr Peter Sokolowski FIEAust CPEng
Engineers Australia Electrical College Victoria Branch Chair & EESA-Vic Deputy Chair

‘An informed choice is a wise choice. Without collaboration, best solutions may go undiscovered – I’m really looking forward to the melting pot we’re calling EECON2017!’

Peter is an electrical engineer and mathematician with extensive experience in power distribution, high voltage and systems integration now working in knowledge-based engineering for decision support at RMIT.

John Wright-Smith

John Wright-Smith joined American Superconductor (AMSC) in 2010 as Regional Manager, South East Asia, working on the provision of Statcoms and SVC’s. John is looking forward to active technical discussions on the evolving Grid at EECON17. John enjoys golf at RMGC, footy at the MCG, basketball and badminton.

Will Hughes
Site Visit Lead

As an engineering student, EECON represents an excellent opportunity to engage with and learn more about the electric energy industry. Will is passionate about eSports and energy, spending the rest of his time keeping fit through touch rugby and gym.

James Bell
EIT, CEM, Training Lead

James is an energy enthusiast, change leader, and DR technologist who electrified his engineering skills at National Grid USA. Ecstatic to share global perspective and contribute to the Australian energy market, James advocates for a world-wide understanding of energy enabling creative solutions to our greatest energy needs through innovation and technology. 

Abrar Aziz

Abrar is a high-achieving graduate electrical engineer working at Middleton Group. Abrar is highly passionate about the upcoming changes within the electricity market and looks forward to contributing to the energy society as a part of EECON2017.  

Robin Koshy

Working in Customer Support with NHP Electrical Engineering, Robin is a curious person looking to understand the world of electrical energy. Robin loves geography, engaging with other professionals and is always looking to hear new perspectives.

Saqib Ikram



Saduni Jayakody, Technical Committee Chair

Dusan Nikolic, Technical Committee Deputy Chair

Alan Goodridge
Alan is a Principal at Peracon, a medium sized consultancy with offices in Melbourne, Perth and Queensland. He is an electrical engineer with over 25 years’ experience. Alan is the vice-chair of the IEEE Power & Energy Society Victorian Chapter.

Victoria Shubenina
Victoria is a Marketing Analyst at Wilson Transformer Company, where she oversees all marketing activities for the company. Victoria holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Marketing. Passionate about both marketing and the electric energy industry, Victoria is excited to be a part of EECON17 technical sub-committee.

Adrian Maraspin
Adrian is a Business Development Manager at Wilson Transformer Company, with more than 10 years of experience in the electrical energy industry and a significant focus on power transformers. Adrian is happy to provide support and expertise to make EECON17 a prominent industrial event of the year.

Arthur Baoustanos
Arthur is the founder and owner of aib ConsultingServices, which takes a data-driven approach in solving business ‘pains’, leading to organisational performance improvements. Arthur is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), Engineers Australia and The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) and sits on several boards.

Frank Crisci
Frank is the Manager of Emergency Management for SA Power Networks. With over 35 years’ experience in the power industry, Frank coordinates preparations for network emergencies, including designing exercises and developing preventative risk strategies. With the CSIRO, Frank has co-authored a number of papers and presented at major conferences.

David Wilkinson
David is a Protection and Control Engineer at United Energy, with previous experience in emerging technologies, embedded generation and network planning.  Recently, David has focused on technologies that can prevent power line faults starting bushfires, such as rapid earth fault current limiters. Outside of work, David’s interests include astronomy and keeping fit competing in fun runs.

Peter Wong
Peter is an experienced electrical engineer working in the area of new distribution network technologies and smart network strategy for Jemena. The electricity supply industry is undergoing massive transformation due to the emergence of customer technologies and preference and Peter is  passionate about the industry capitalising on the opportunity.

Peter Degorski
A meteorologist having cut his weather teeth at Melbourne University , CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology. Fostering a conversation about the interaction of weather and energy networks from distribution to generation. Keen to collectively problem solving. Love good – new – ideas: background quantum physics/optics, hydrology. Currently applying statistics to learn loads more about genetics data.

Kate Summers
Kate is the Manager of Electrical Engineering at Pacific Hydro, previously working in transmission planning and system operations in the NEM. Her work includes connection works for new projects, and performance and compliance of operating assets including control and protection upgrades for the East Kimberley Power System.

Charles Rendigs
Born and bred in New York City, Charles worked on Wall Street after starting an IT support company. Moving to Australia in 2004, Charles worked in developing carbon accounting software, before consulting on energy efficiency, generation, storage and carbon. Charles is Deputy Chair of the Australian Institute of Energy in Melbourne, and sits on the National Board.

Glen Summers
Glen is currently an engineer at AGL Energy delivering residential battery storage projects. This builds on prior experience commissioning Solar + Storage Minigrids throughout Asia-Pacific, and electronics design for Solar Cars and Antarctic Research Stations while studying at UNSW.

Martyn Pearce
Ranjan Vaidya
Neil Watt
Edward Bonnici
Matt Bull
Rachael Cox
Bill Carman
Bryan Cheetham
Jay Wheelan
Ilya Budovsky