Announcing Pre-EECON Training Workshops

Are you looking to improve your knowledge of the industry and sharpen your skills as an emerging energy professional? We’ve got you covered.  EECON has partnered with best-in-class industry experts to deliver workshops before EECON kicks off.   Please join us on Tuesday 21st November at RMIT’s CBD campus for a full day of diverse workshops – a crash-course on power equipment, earthing systems, and the National Electricity Market.  This is a chance for students, young professionals, and experienced professionals to get fired-up and ready for EECON 2017.

The Sessions

Introduction to the NEM with David Strong & Associates:
A packed overview of the various components of the electricity market and issues revolving around electricity prices, renewable energy, power system security, and frequency control

Introduction to Earthing Systems with Safearth & Bill Carman:
A lightning bolt of principles governing how to create and maintain earthing systems that meet both safety and performance requirements.

Power Transformer Design, Condition Monitoring & Life Management with Wilson Transformer Company & partners:
An immersive experience covering all aspects of power transformers, from specification and design, to manufacturing, maintenance, diagnostic testing and end of life assessment.

Want to participate? Go to EECON 2017 Training Sessions and select your course. Don’t miss out – this is an extraordinary opportunity to learn from the professionals themselves. This is red hot. Secure your spot now while spaces are available!